Speaking of Planned Parenthood, How About Defunding It?

Even though the first attempt at defunding Planned Parenthood failed yesterday, due to a Democrat filibuster, Republicans aren’t giving up hope.  I’m not a Republican, but I’m not giving up hope, either, especially in the light of more videos from the Center for Medical Progress.

We simply can’t afford, as a society, to tolerate abortion-on-demand.  I think even Democrats know this, and they are sounding more and more desperate in their appeals to keep Planned Parenthood’s federal funding.  The officials of Planned Parenthood are sounding more and more desperate, too, in their denials of wrongdoing.  To me, they sound like Bill Clinton back in the 90’s.  “I did not have sex with that woman.”

I’m embedding a couple of videos below, showing Rand Paul and Mike Lee standing up to call for Planned Parenthood to be cut off from federal support.  Both men make different, but equally eloquent points.  Keep calling your Senators and Representatives, folks.