Sting vs Counter Sting? Project Veritas Keeps the Videos Coming

Update:  Check out the latest on this topic from this post at PJ Media.  Seems the J20 folks are scaling back.


Yesterday, I posted here about the latest Project Veritas sting against radical leftists who are apparently trying to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Another leftist group is claiming that they knew about what Project Veritas was doing, and played along, conducting a “counter-sting”.  If you like, you can read what Huffpo has to say about this alleged “counter-sting” operation.

Did y’all follow that link?  I hope so, because that will make the Project Veritas response more meaningful.  Check out the video below, and then we’ll pick this up after the break.

Interesting, no?  This isn’t the first time that the radical left has tried to smear the investigative work of Project Veritas.  Remember when PV exposed Hillary’s campaign in a massive voter fraud attempt?  The left accused James O’Keefe and company of “selective editing” then, too.

With all of the above in mind, please watch the next installment of the Project Veritas sting, embedded below.

I hope y’all were paying attention to the video, and observed what I did; namely, that at least one of the people involved in potentially disrupting the Inaugural festivities referred to a coworker as his “comrade”.  It is also important to note the involvement of the International Workers of the World, once known as the “Wobblies”.  It would seem that International Communism isn’t dead in the U.S.  Take notes; write this stuff down on your hand if you have to, because you WILL see this material again.