Stories Worth a Quick Look

When you get to sit down and take a break from your heavy labors today, take a look at the posts listed below, from around the web.

The White House walks, not runs, from the Defense Secretary’s weekend remarks.  From the WT:

President Obama on Tuesday didn’t distance himself from Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s claim that Iraqi forces showed “no will to fight” last week when Islamic State terrorist fighters captured the town of Ramadi — but the White House also wouldn’t explicitly endorse the Pentagon chief’s comments.

Unintended Consequences of Liberal policies around the globe are almost funny, at Powerline

I like heartwarming stories of the goodness of our troops.  Here’s one at PJ Media telling the story of teen who’s reunited with the US soldier who saved her life when Saddam had her marked for death.

At USA Today, Glenn Reynolds has a common-sense proposal to reduce the cost of higher education.  From Mr. Reynold’s post:

How, indeed? (And let me note that Bruni’s excellent new book on the fetishization of pricey colleges is worth your time.) But while the over-generous compensation of universities’ CEOs is what gets the press attention, it’s not the biggest problem. Rather, the drastic cost increases associated with higher education stem mostly from lower levels of administration. For every highly paid president, universities are afflicted with scores of lower-level administrators, often earning in the six figures, who get far less attention. And each of those administrators, of course, has a fiefdom stocked with lower-paid, but more numerous, administrators and secretaries.

Glenn Reynolds is one of my favorite writers.  I encourage y’all to follow the link and give his article a read.

Dennis Prager has started off a series of posts explaining the difference between Liberal and Conservative though processes.  Prager is great.  Be sure to check out his National Review post.

Speaking of Prager…check out the video below.  It’s short, but very informative.