Supreme Court Ruling Makes No Difference To EPA

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to strike down EPA regulations forced on power plants to reduce carbon and other emissions.  The EPA, predictably, is paying no attention to the Court ruling; saying, according to this post in the Washington Times,

“EPA is disappointed that the court did not uphold the rule, but this rule was issued more than three years ago, investments have been made, and most plants are already well on their way to making emissions reductions,” the agency said in a statement. “Since the decision was about how and when the agency considered costs in its decision that mercury and air toxic emissions from power plants threaten public health and the environment, and not EPA’s Clean Air Act authority to limit hazardous air pollutants, EPA remains committed to ensuring that appropriate standards are in place to protect the public from the significant amount of toxic emissions from coal and oil-fired electric utilities and continue reducing the toxic pollution from these facilities.”

Read the EPA statement again.  Does it sound to y’all as if Gina McCarthy (head of EPA) intends to change any rules?  It doesn’t sound that way, to me.

I’ve said before that it’s not a matter of what the EPA is allowed to do, it’s what they will do that matters.  It’s time to defund and eradicate the EPA.  Congress, y’all should be getting busy on that, right now.  I’m just sayin’.