Take a Peek Under the Establishment GOP Skirts


Marty and I are always quick to correct people when they refer to us as Republicans; y’all know that.  Most of y’all that read this page can get fightin’ mad if y’all are accused of toeing a GOP line, too.  We all point to things like the backroom deals in the House that violate every principle that a good Conservative holds dear, and the way Mitch McConnell runs the Senate as things that make us want to distance ourselves from the Grand Old Party.

Well, the way some Republicans respond to being challenged from the right in a primary should make us recoil in disgust, too.  Normally, I’d have a nice photo or a meme or at least a quote to go with this post, but I’m just going to link you to David Steinberg’s article at PJ Media, so y’all can follow the link and learn what’s being done to Mike Flynn, a good Conservative candidate for Congress for Illinois.

Follow the link, y’all, and if you have a little extra cash laying around, send some to Mike Flynn’s campaign.  If you do, you’ll be doing the equivalent of peeing in John Boehner’s whiskey.  I’m just sayin’.