Take a Quick Peek at the Interweb

Oh, what fun I’ve had looking up these few articles for y’all today.  It’s Friday, and I know y’all would rather be working you butts off; but you’ve obviously found time to check out this page.  Since you’ve made it here, I hope the following list of interesting articles will keep you occupied during the time you wish that you were napping.

The Pentagon rethinks it’s F-35 strategy.  Yeah, it’s about time they took a second look at funding a boondoggle, right?

The US sends a couple of B-52’s on a long-range training mission to Australia to remind China that we can get there in a hurry if we need to.

Lawmakers in the House get ready to oppose Obama’s deal with Iran.  From the Free Beacon:

Less than a week after the Obama administration agreed to a deal with Iran that will provide it with billions of dollars in economic sanctions relief, at least 171 Republican House lawmakers have backed a measure expressing disapproval of the deal, the Free Beacon has learned.

As the Obama administration works to wrangle a coalition of lawmakers in support of the deal, the House resolution appears to be a sign that many in Congress have already decided to oppose it.

Hey, it’s a start, right?

Did y’all know that the media is biased towards Planned Parenthood?  The Federalist has a great post at the link showing exactly how the lamestream covered the story of the video sting of PP’s Medical Director.

Concealed carry firearm sales are skyrocketing, and women and minorities are a big driver of the sales.  From the PJ Media post:

According to the study, concealed-carry permits have risen by 156% among men and a whopping 270% for women.  Lott also revealed that minority groups are acquiring concealed-carry permits faster than whites.

“Over the last couple of years, there has been a massive sea change among blacks’ views towards guns,” Lott said.

The article isn’t long, but it gives great details about firearm purchases in the US.

Microaggressions are a big part of our lives, according to the social justice warriors out there, so Steven Crowder has put together a little educational video for y’all.  Check it out, embedded below: