Texas proves a tough nut for Proglodytes to crack. Jan24


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Texas proves a tough nut for Proglodytes to crack.

The Lone Star State has been much in the news lately for several reasons; among them a growing secessionist movement, strong reactions against infringement of their 2nd Amendment rights, and of course their strong economy.  Texas has 38 electoral votes, which makes it a very important place every four years when we vote for President.  Currently, Texas is one of the reddest of the Red states, and the Democrats want to change it, badly.

As Meredith Jessup at The Blaze tells us, there is a major push from the Proglodytes to attempt to turn Texas into a battleground state.  Democrat operatives are moving some of their heavy-hitters down there in an attempt to make inroads for the Proggy candidates that the Dems intend to push in the midterms and beyond.

Some Democrats believe that Texas will turn purple soon, anyway, due to demographic shifts.  They believe that a growing Latino population is one of the driving forces of the purplization.  Geez.  It seems to me that the assumption that a Latino MUST vote Democrat is more than a little racist, but the assumption has been made not only by Jeb Bush, but also by some of the Proglodyte stars, as you can see in this 2012 article in the Houston Chronicle.
This morning while surfing around, I found this post over  at PJMedia that seems to hold out a little hope that Proglodytes are finding their racial politicking to be not as effective as they first thought.  I don’t think it makes the Democratic party apparatchiks any less racist, it just indicates that they are beginning to recognize that divisive rhetoric might not be the best way to move their agenda forward.

Marty and I have always had a congenial rivalry with our friends in Texas, mostly based in the fact that football is played in a superior fashion here in Alabama.  We were forced to re-think some of that in 2012 when we welcomed the Aggies into the SEC, and got promptly trounced by them here at home.  Ouch.  So, since we’ve had to admit that Texans do know something about our favorite sport, we are willing to grudgingly admit that Texas may have more to offer our country than originally believed. Knowing that the Lone Star State is proving to be a source of irritation and outright flummoxation (yeah, I just made that word up) to the Proglodyte hordes is causing me to say something I didn’t think I’d ever say.  Here goes:  God Bless Texas.

That hurt, it really did.

( I’m in love with the word, “Proglodyte” as you can see from the above post.  I didn’t invent that one;  I saw it used this morning in a twitter post by Chris Loesch and it was word-love at first sight.)