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A Little Perspective

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A Little Perspective

Just in case you though Marty and I were delusional on last week’s live show, take a look at this video from Lauren Southern.  When Lauren talks about her city’s Pride Parade, remember that Marty and I have been saying for years that the gay community needs better representation.  We’ve said FOR YEARS that if the gay community truly wants to be accepted by Middle America that they should STOP TRYING TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF MIDDLE AMERICA.  In Miss Southern, we are happy to see that the younger generation feels the same way.

Post-Show Supplemental

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Post-Show Supplemental

If you weren’t tuned in to last night’s live Honest Answer Radio Show, you may want to follow the link, and catch up.

Marty and I both got a little heated last night, as we were talking about subjects about which both of us are rather passionate.  There will be no apologies given, nor will we be doing any backtracking.  The Honest Answer always stands behind the content and the emotions of our shows; those who don’t like the intensity don’t have to listen.  That being said; it’s always nice when someone that Marty and I both respect comes out making a statement that agrees with our point of view.  Apparently, Tucker Carlson of Fox News also believes that Donald Trump needs to lay off criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his recusal from the Russia investigation.  More after the break.

All of the reasons that Tucker Carlson listed in his commentary are valid, and true, and relevant; but I believe that the President should lay off Sessions for the additional reason that our US Attorney General deserves respect for being a man of his word.  Here in the Deep South, a Southern Gentleman is expected to keep his word, even if it is painful to do so.  Jeff Sessions is most definitely a Southern Gentleman; also, I expect that the Attorney General, when making the decision to recuse himself, had sacred Scripture in mind, specifically James 15:12, to wit:

But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

Attorney General Sessions is a Christian man, and I am sure that he is intimately familiar with the above Scripture.  Although our Lord doesn’t really like oath-taking, it is allowed; however, we Christians are expected to do what we say we will do, without the need for an oath.  Sessions told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he would recuse himself from any investigation into the Trump Campaign’s relations with Russia.  No one, especially the President, should be either surprised or appalled that Sessions kept his word, even though such a thing is as common in Washington as the Dodo.  Some things are more important that political expediency.

h/t:  The Hill


The Left is Out of Its Flippin’ Mind

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The Left is Out of Its Flippin’ Mind

But y’all already knew that.

Still, I feel compelled to offer some proof, after making such a bold claim in the headline.  I’ve gathered a few choice things from around the internet.  Enjoy, y’all, and proceed with your Monday.

Kellyanne Conway spoke with the most-busted leftist host on the Most Busted Network in News yesterday, Chris Cuomo.  The Russia\collusion narrative is strong in Chris, even after all the chops-busting he’s suffered at the hands of Project Veritas and President Trump.  More on Chris at the bottom of this post.

The Washington Post, bastion of left-leaning “journalism” in DC, tried to connect Rep. Steve Scalise’ shooter to a right-wing radio show.  I’m not kidding.  Follow the link, which goes to a post at the Washington Free Beacon.  I ain’t in the mood to link to WaPo.  I wouldn’t do that to y’all on a Monday.

You are going to have to follow this link to Powerline to read about the gender-confused Left.  The crazy is so strong with this story that it defies explanation.  The good folks at Powerline make a mighty effort, though, but even the brilliant Steven Hayward struggles manfully with it.

The Scriptural Book of Proverbs is apparently a Republican document, according to a yutz at Politico.  Check out this post at PJ Media for a great analysis, and rebuttal.

Yes, the crazy is growing, and will overwhelm us all if we don’t fight it.  Luckily for us, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are on the case.  Enjoy this video, one of the best of the Great Meme War of 2017.



Establishment “Journalists” Try to Get Others Killed at G20

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Establishment “Journalists” Try to Get Others Killed at G20

Strong words in the headline, I know; watch these videos I’m embedding below, and see for yourself if I’m being too harsh.  You WILL see this material again, y’all.

Network Giants Fall Hard, Don’t They?

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Network Giants Fall Hard, Don’t They?

There is a scene in the great movie, “Ronin” where Robert DeNiro’s character tests the reflexes of a former spy, played by Stellan Skaarsgard.

Yeah, the old reflexes die hard.  I’m looking a you, CNN.  See, over the holiday weekend, CNN tracked down the fella who made the now-famous meme which the President tweeted over the weekend.  From RealClearPolitics:

Notably, CNN decided not to reveal the identity of the Reddit user, HanAssholeSolo, if he issued an apology and promised not to continue publishing racist material. Some political commenters are calling the move by the CNN investigative team extortion. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Dave Rubin‘s accusation that CNN extorted a private citizen for legal behavior. 

For a more complete take on CNN’s bullying of a private citizen, check out the embedded video.

Today, James O’Keefe released another video, and, well…just watch.

They just can’t seem to help themselves, folks.  I think the behavior of CNN over the last year has revealed a truly hateful, spiteful, bitter and cynical culture throughout all levels of The Most Busted Name in News.  You will see this material again tomorrow night, when Marty and I do the live show.

I couldn’t end this post without reminding everyone of the hubris of the CNN crew.  Remember the last night of CNN’s coverage of the Democrat National Convention when Hillary Clinton was all but crowned Queen of America?  Everything for CNN seemed to go downhill after that.  Here’s a little reminder of CNN’s last good day on the air, to remind them of how far down they have fallen.

We Told You So…Again

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We Told You So…Again

Honestly, though, y’all didn’t need Marty and I to tell you that the folks who run the Mainstream Media outlets think that y’all are stupid. That’s a fact that has been clear for years; but Project Veritas, in their newest video, provide the visual and audible proof that CNN’s producers believe firmly that Flyover Country is entirely populated by morons.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Panjandrums of All Truth are convinced that you are, in at least one dude’s words, “stupid as shit”.  Don’t take my word for it, though…watch the embedded video.  More after the break.

If you don’t believe that Hillary Clinton would have been a better President than Donald Trump; you are stupid as shit.  If you don’t believe that the government should force you to go against your religious convictions and celebrate gay marriage, you are stupid as shit.  If you think that all white people aren’t racist, you are stupid as shit.  If you believe that feminism has nothing to do with equal rights for men and women, you are stupid as shit.  If you don’t allow CNN to tell you what to believe about everything; you are stupid as shit.  Getting the idea?

You can share this video by sharing this post on Facebook; or you can go to Project Veritas’ YouTube page and share if from there.  However you do it, share this video.  Everybody needs to see it.

Unfiltered Truth

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Unfiltered Truth

Some of y’all are old enough to remember a time when major networks were trusted to bring us not only the news of the day, but truthful reportage.  I’m only recently coming to realize exactly how long ago that time was; so long ago, in fact, that a lot of the consumers of online media were not even born.  Wild, huh?

So…do y’all want to see something REALLY wild?

Actually, a lot of you out there are already familiar with Project Veritas’ most recent work, but I’m highlighting it today because it shows just exactly how far the mainstream has fallen in their greed for ratings and advertising cash.  Truth seems to be not first, second, third….maybe not even on the list of things that mainstream outlets like CNN have on their agenda.  Watch the videos below.  Consider subscribing to Project Veritas’ YouTube page, and maybe even donating money to the cause.  I think y’all know what I’m going to say next; but I’m saying it, anyway:  Write this stuff down on your hand, ’cause you WILL see this material again.


And here’s the most recent Project Veritas release, wherein our old buddy Van Jones makes an appearance; telling the truth, for a change.  Of course ol’ Van didn’t know there was a camera and a microphone working at the time…

Does Fauxcahontas Respect Veterans? Really?

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Does Fauxcahontas Respect Veterans?  Really?

I think the question is relevant, especially in light of this article from The Washington Free Beacon.  From TFB post:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) took 113 days to reply to a veteran group’s open letter, and her response did not address the group’s central concern about her advocacy for illegal immigrants.

The Boston Herald reports that Warren told the Massachusetts-based Veterans Assisting Veterans advocacy group that she would help them by opposing President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to Veterans Affairs, food stamps, and Medicaid.

But Warren did not address the VAV’s original criticisms that she and other Democrats were giving illegal immigrants more attention than veterans. She also did not discuss the Boston mayor’s plan to house illegal immigrants in the City Hall.

So…113 days to respond, and then doesn’t actually answer the concerns of veterans.  Hmmm.  I think Senator Warren has more explaining to do.  Let’s pause for a moment, and think about exactly who we are talking about here.  I’m including a little video aid to the thinking process.  Enjoy.

What a World

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What a World

Only in the Through-the-Looking-Glass prism of Israeli/Palestinian conflict can terrorists be seen as heroes, and the killing of a terrorist in the middle of an act of terrorism be seen as a war crime; but that’s how it is, y’all.  Don’t take my word for it.  Watch the embedded video.  You can take it for granted that Marty and I will have something to say about it on tonight’s live show.

Johnson Cooking on the Gowdy Grill

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Johnson Cooking on the Gowdy Grill

As you may have heard, former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson is testifying in the House today on the Russian hacking question.  I thought I’d give y’all this little snippet of Trey Gowdy questioning Johnson.  Enjoy!