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Friday Whirlwind Tour

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Friday Whirlwind Tour

Since it’s Friday Fun-Time, I thought I’d post a few videos from around the political and entertainment arena.  Enjoy.

President Trump signs an executive order, with fanfare….

Lauren Southern with a preview of coming attractions…

Sargon of Akkad has some inspirational words…

The Leningrad Cowboys and the Russian Military orchestra perform “Sweet Home Alabama.”  Seriously.

CNN is on the Project Veritas Griddle

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CNN is on the Project Veritas Griddle

Oh, what a mess for CNN!  James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have put CNN in the hot seat, releasing over 200 hours of tape from a confidential source.  PV is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who goes through those 200 hours and finds evidence of “malfeasance”.  You can find the audio here.

This is gonna be good, folks.  Check out the introductory video below, and get to work, y’all!  Pay attention, because you WILL see this material again.

Loony Leftists Go Nuts in Northern Neighbor

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Loony Leftists Go Nuts in Northern Neighbor

The bad crazy that has overtaken the media here in the US is also active in Canada.  See what Faith Goldy of Rebel Media has to report in the embedded video.  Crazy, man….crazy.

Powerful Christian Testimony from an Israeli Jew

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Powerful Christian Testimony from an Israeli Jew

On YouTube, there is a channel called One for Israel that some of you may want to see.  On that channel, you will find many testimonies like the one that I’m embedding here.

Yeshua, (or Jesus, as we call Him) is one of the most Jewish of Jewish men.  As Christians, I think we forget that, sometimes.  Watching the testimonies given by Christian Israelis provides a powerful context for us to study and love our Savior; at least, in my mind.  I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I have.

Lamestream Histrionics are Funny, Y’all

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Lamestream Histrionics are Funny, Y’all

Happy Monday!  Just so y’all can start your week off right, I’m posting this video put together by The Washington Free Beacon.  Enjoy the hysterics.

These People are at Colleges Across the US, Y’all

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These People are at Colleges Across the US, Y’all

Watch the short video below, where David Horowitz exposes the violent underpinnings of the Muslim Students Association.  More after the break.

Did y’all catch that?  The female MSA member says she is FOR Hamas and Hizbollah.  If you are unfamiliar with Hamas, check out this short history of the group.

Hizbollah has killed United States Marines, and others, folks.  From the US National Counterterrorism Center’s website:

Formed in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Hizballah (the “Party of God”), a Lebanon-based Shia terrorist group, advocates Shia empowerment globally. Hizballah has been involved in numerous anti-US terrorist attacks, including the suicide truck bombings of the US Embassy in Beirut in April 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983, and the US Embassy annex in Beirut in September 1984, as well as the hijacking of TWA 847 in 1985 and the Khobar Towers attack in Saudi Arabia in 1996.

Nice people, right?  The Muslim Student Association supports these guys, and they are organized on college campuses across the US.  Your kids and grandchildren may be attending classes with them.

Sorry to mess up your Friday.

Busted! More Arrests Result from Project Veritas Sting

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Busted!  More Arrests Result from Project Veritas Sting

Colin Dunn and Luke Kuhn, of DisruptJ20 fame, have been arrested.  These men appeared in the Project Veritas videos which we covered here.  The DisruptJ20 folks tried to claim that they knew all along that James O’Keefe and crew were up to something, if you’ll remember, from where Honest Answer covered that, too.   The police weren’t buying the story from DisruptJ20, and earlier arrested Scott Ryan Charney while looking for Kuhn and Dunn.  You can check out this post at PJ Media for more details.  You probably won’t see too much info on this from the mainstream media….they just wish the whole story would go away.  So do Charney, Kuhn, and Dunn, I’d bet.  I’m just sayin’.  Below, I’m re-embedding the screen debut of Messrs. Kuhn, Dunn, and Charney.

Down But Not Out: Obamanauts Still Wield Power

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Down But Not Out:  Obamanauts Still Wield Power

All of us may as well get used to a new, media-coined phrase that I predict you’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks and months.  The phrase is “Deep State”, and it refers to what, a few short weeks ago, we were calling “The Establishment”.  Using the term “Deep State” when referring to the corridors of power in D.C. conjures up a darker, more torch-lit and murky image, though, doesn’t it?  It also has the effect of making it seem as if the journalist using the phrase has been all along more aware of the situation than you, the great unwashed deplorables.  “Deep State” makes all the hack Senators, entrenched Civil Service bureaucrats and the media lackeys who feed off the leaked information take on a more subtly powerful image in the mind; but make no mistake, the power is real.

I’m bringing up the newest journalistic catchphrase because it is the Deep State, Establishment, or whatever you want to call it that is responsible for the trouble in which General Flynn just found himself.  At this point, if you haven’t already, you need to read this article by Eli Lake.  Read it, because the other links to be found in this post refer to Lake’s piece.

Y’all didn’t think all the Proglodytes in government just folded their tents and stole away in the night just because Hillary lost an election, did you?  Those Establishment Proggies, including Republican Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are still with us; and more importantly, so is the influence of Ben Rhodes, the fiction-writer-turned-Minister-of-Propaganda for Obama.  Ben Rhodes?  Oh, yeah, folks.   Before tomorrow night’s live show, y’all need to read the Eli Lake article linked above, and  this Washington Free Beacon post.  From the Free Beacon:

The effort, said to include former Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes—the architect of a separate White House effort to create what he described as a pro-Iran echo chamber—included a small task force of Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn’s credibility, multiple sources revealed.

The operation primarily focused on discrediting Flynn, an opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, in order to handicap the Trump administration’s efforts to disclose secret details of the nuclear deal with Iran that had been long hidden by the Obama administration.

Insiders familiar with the anti-Flynn campaign told the Free Beacon that these Obama loyalists plotted in the months before Trump’s inauguration to establish a set of roadblocks before Trump’s national security team, which includes several prominent opponents of diplomacy with Iran. The Free Beacon first reported on this effort in January.

While you are informing yourselves, you may also want to look at today’s article at The Washington Times on how the Trump Administration is trying to move forward after Flynn’s resignation.  Write all this stuff down on your hand, y’all, so you won’t forget it; because you WILL see this material again on Thursday, when Marty and I can break it all down for you.

The Obamanauts and the Establishment brokers of power ain’t dead, y’all.

Planned Parenthood: All About the Quotas, Y’all

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Planned Parenthood: All About the Quotas, Y’all

Update:  Just a few minutes ago, Live Action uploaded three additional videos, which popped into my YouTube feed.  See below the first videos that I posted.


I don’t really need to say too much about the videos that I’m embedding below.  All I’ll say is that Live Action is exposing Planned Parenthood for exactly what they are.

Below, you’ll find two videos wherein a doctor who has performed abortions describes the procedures.  If, like me, you are pro-life, these videos are very, very hard to watch.  I dare anyone who is pro-choice to watch these videos, and then come explain to me how you could still support abortion on-demand.  Also, explain why I should be okay with allowing my tax dollars to fund the largest abortion provider in the United States.  There’s a hook, though….if you want to debate this issue with me, be prepared to hear the arguments against abortion, ’cause I got a lot of ’em.  The thing is, though, that I’m not the one who needs convincing.  One day, those who support abortion WILL have to explain themselves to the King of Kings.

Leftist Denials Trumped by Real Investigations

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Leftist Denials Trumped by Real Investigations

See what I did there in the headline?

President Donald Trump is known for making wild claims, which the leftist media then goes on to shrilly denounce.  It’s getting to be an old story; and, while The Donald is sometimes less than completely articulate in his statements, he’s being proven to more or less get it right.  I’m going to give you two examples here, both from stories in The Washington Times.

Remember when President Trump said that millions of illegals voted in the last election, and the howls of outrage by the media?  The President was caught in a lie, right?  Well, check out this article at TWT.  From TWT post:

Just Facts, founded in New Jersey 20 years ago by a Brown-educated mechanical engineer, released its findings as President Trump was setting up a task force on voter fraud headed by Vice President Mike Pence.

“Contrary to the claims of certain major media outlets and fact checkers, a comprehensive analysis of polling data, election records and government investigations shows that many noncitizens vote illegally in U.S. elections,” Just Facts President James D. Agresti told The Washington Times.

A little honest fact-checking goes a long way.  The Washington Times isn’t the only outlet to debunk the claims of leftists on the illegal voting issue.  You can look here.  Or here.  Data that supports the President’s claim is actually pretty easy to find, if one looks.

Just last week, the Trump Administration was in a feud with the 9th Circuit, where a judge maintained that the Executive Order restricting immigration from 7 countries was unconstitutional, partly because, in a judge’s mind, no citizens from the listed nations had ever been convicted of terrorist acts in the US.  In this post from The Washington Times, the 9th Circuit judge is proven wrong.  From TWT post:

“How many arrests have there been of foreign nationals for those seven countries since 9/11?” the judge demanded of the Justice Department lawyer.

When she said she was unaware, Judge Robart went on: “Let me tell you. The answer to that is none, as best I can tell. So, I mean, you’re here arguing on behalf of someone that says ‘We have to protect the United States from these individuals coming from these countries,’ and there’s no support for that.”

Pretty damning, right?  It would be, if the judge were correct.  More from TWT:

Jessica Vaughan, the author of the CIS report, said the judges could have found the information “if they or their clerks had looked for it.” She said the judges easily could have remembered the Ohio State attack in November 2016, when a Somalian who arrived as a refugee in 2007 used his car and a knife to injure 13 people before he was killed by a police officer.

Rep. Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania Republican, said the appeals court judges got it backwards. They said they were able to go beyond the president’s executive order to look at his campaign rhetoric calling for a “Muslim ban,” but didn’t think to research the terrorist connections from the countries in question.

“Since the court decided that it has the authority to look at the reasons behind a presidential executive order, the least the judges could do is perform a simple Google search,” he said.

There’s more to be found at the link.

Well, it seems like a little searching can prove Leftist claims to be wrong, and the President to be mostly right, articulate or not.  Write this down on your hand, folks.  You will see this material again.