The Globalists Want Control of YOUR Internet Speech

The headline is not clickbait; it is accurate.  Don’t believe me?  Okay.  Check out this post by Alexander Hall at Media Research Center.  From the MRC article:

The French government and U.S. tech giants are pushing for a worldwide initiative to regulate the internet — including the issue of hate speech.

The new declaration from the French government titled the “Paris Call For Trust and Security in Cyberspace,” is part of an international effort to crack down on cyber attacks, foreign interference, and hate speech, according to the organization that drafted the document. American big tech companies such as Facebook and Alphabet’s Google have offered their support, willing to promote this regulation as a demonstration of their company values.

Since Macron doesn’t like Nationalism, it’s safe to assume he’s a Globalist.  Do you want France or the UK to define “hate speech” for you?  I saw this story being reported in online publications that specialize in tech news, but MRC is the only major news outlet that is covering this story at the time of publishing; but I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.  Right.