The High Cost of Fecklessness and the Results of Not Relying on Divine Providence

Feckless Kerry

Feckless Kerry

Unless you’ve been in a coma lately, y’all are aware that Russia has invaded Crimea, and the fate of the Ukraine hangs in the balance.

Asking why the United States should care is a valid question, because the answer is not immediately self-evident.  I’ve seen lots of Facebook posts over the weekend concerning Obama’s reaction to Russia’s moves, and a heck of a lot of them say something like, “Nothing in the Ukraine is worth a drop of American blood or one ounce of our treasure.”  I’ve also seen a lot of posts that suggest that NATO is the appropriate entity to deal with the problem.  Honestly, both approaches are correct and flawed, at the same time.

On Fox this morning, liberal commentators were saying that since George Bush didn’t do anything when Putin invaded the nation of Georgia, then Obama shouldn’t be taking any heat over his administration’s weak stance over Ukraine.  That’s a complete crap statement.

Let’s be honest.  Ukraine, ever since it split from the former Soviet Union, has had corrupt and idiotic governance, so it’s very understandable for U.S. citizens to suggest that we owe Ukraine squat.  We look at our own history, and see that our Founders had the moral courage to shake off a venal power-structure, and we expect the same of other countries when they have their own revolutions.  It ain’t fair, though.  Other countries don’t always have the equivalent of George Washington, James Madison, or Thomas Jefferson waiting in the wings to lead people out of the darkness of statist doctrine.  Some countries do.  Poland had Lech Walesa.  I submit, though, that such people are actually rare, and it’s even more rare that their fellow countrymen will listen to powerfully moral leaders, too.

NATO and Europe are the wrong places to look for answers, too.  True, they should be the exact right places to look, but face reality, folks.  NATO has weak leadership.  Europe has been spending all it’s money supporting a centrally-controlled European Union that was a crappy idea in the first place.  It’s treasure has been spent bailing out it’s weakest members and investing in some of the stupidest “green” initiatives, ever.

Looking at ourselves, the United States…..well…we’ve done some incredibly stupid things in recent years, too.  Instead of holding our media accountable for their biased reporting, we’ve been too lazy to keep tabs on our own power-hungry elected officials.  During the Bush years, we elected a Democrat-controlled Congress, so there was no good balance against Bush’s own tendency towards the belief that government can do good.  As a nation, we’ve forgotten the lessons of our own history, and in a stupid attempt to line our own pockets with government handouts, we’ve participated in our own decline.

Our Founders were people who knew that Divine Providence guided their hands, and they sought the blessings of our Creator, openly and often.  In recent years, we’ve allowed the slow eradication of Divine Providence to continue almost unabated.  In our laziness, we’ve replaced the belief in God with a faith in government, despite the lessons of our history.  Now, we have a President, Congress, and Supreme Court that relies on their own flawed, human reason to attempt to solve our problems.

Because of our own reliance on politics and politicians, we have Barack Obama and John Kerry and Chuck Hagel.  Our own fecklessness has given us feckless leadership.  Follow the source link to see how Kerry explains the official Obama Administration view of Russia’s actions in Crimea.  Try not to cringe.

George Washington said, “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.  Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”  We were warned.