The Left is Out of Its Flippin’ Mind

But y’all already knew that.

Still, I feel compelled to offer some proof, after making such a bold claim in the headline.  I’ve gathered a few choice things from around the internet.  Enjoy, y’all, and proceed with your Monday.

Kellyanne Conway spoke with the most-busted leftist host on the Most Busted Network in News yesterday, Chris Cuomo.  The Russia\collusion narrative is strong in Chris, even after all the chops-busting he’s suffered at the hands of Project Veritas and President Trump.  More on Chris at the bottom of this post.

The Washington Post, bastion of left-leaning “journalism” in DC, tried to connect Rep. Steve Scalise’ shooter to a right-wing radio show.  I’m not kidding.  Follow the link, which goes to a post at the Washington Free Beacon.  I ain’t in the mood to link to WaPo.  I wouldn’t do that to y’all on a Monday.

You are going to have to follow this link to Powerline to read about the gender-confused Left.  The crazy is so strong with this story that it defies explanation.  The good folks at Powerline make a mighty effort, though, but even the brilliant Steven Hayward struggles manfully with it.

The Scriptural Book of Proverbs is apparently a Republican document, according to a yutz at Politico.  Check out this post at PJ Media for a great analysis, and rebuttal.

Yes, the crazy is growing, and will overwhelm us all if we don’t fight it.  Luckily for us, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are on the case.  Enjoy this video, one of the best of the Great Meme War of 2017.