The liberal Media is an A-Hole. No, I really mean it this time.

I, like a lot of you, spent the weekend avoiding the news as much as possible.  Those of us who occupied ourselves with sports and other wholesome activities in lieu of sitting in front of the television or computer did so to avoid the tragic and depressing amount of death and destruction that occurred over the weekend.  The school shooting in Connecticut and the multiple homicides that happened here in Alabama were all over the television and the internet, and frankly it was all just a bit too tragic to bear in a 24 hour news cycle.  Judging from my Facebook timeline and twitter, I was most definitely not alone in my pain-avoidance techniques, but the subject of gun violence can’t be ignored, and I’m going to say what I need to say here and now, and I’ll probably say the same and more on the show tomorrow night.

After reading a couple of articles linked on the Drudge Report, I became sickened enough to walk away from the computer for a couple minutes before coming back to sit down and write this post.  I’m doing this after reading only those couple articles, because I want to say what I need to without being affected by what other writers have no doubt already written.     I really only have one point to make, and that is this:  All of you out there who are responding to the horrific events of this weekend by calling for more gun control qualify for the Sonsofbitches and Assholes of the Year Award;  an award which will be bestowed upon all of you tomorrow night on The Honest Answer.

If you are one of those people (like Joe Scarborough for instance) who are calling for more gun control based upon your heartfelt compassion for the families of the victims, then in addition to being a Sonofabitch and Asshole of the Year, you also qualify as village idiot, as well.  Congratulations.  Now why would I write with such venom about well-meaning people?  I’m glad you asked.  I’m disgusted by the shallowness of thought that focuses so much of it (thought) to the murder weapon and so little attention to what causes people to commit horrific acts in the first place.  Instead of reflexively barking “GUN CONTROL, GUN CONTROL”  when some nutbag murders innocents, where is the laser focus on how the violent nutbags of the world snap and murder in the first place?  How about trying to figure out how to recognize the nutters and disarm them before they kill innocent people?  I refer to you compassionate idiots as such because you have allowed Hollywood and television to vaccinate you against critical thought with their warped view of the world.   For crying out loud, folks; some of y’all out there idolize cultural heroes like Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Fox, and Oliver Stone AND their liberal politics at the same time.     The compassionate idiots out there (and you know who you are)  are smart; way too smart to fall for the crap culture that is so prevalent in all of our media;  and yet y’all still give Jamie Fox a big payday for killing all the white people in the lates Tarantino flick.  Some of you are my friends, and I know that you are smart enough to get past the horror of gunshot wounds and understand that the means of murder are only important in gaining a conviction in court.  You are smart enough to understand that the important thing in preventing mass murder involves identifying murderers before they take innocent lives, and stopping them before lives are lost.  You compassionate idiots, though, are too damn stupid, apparently,  to understand that you do not protect innocent children by depriving the responsible adults who surround them of the means to defend those same children.  Do you really believe that there are enough cops in the WORLD to stand over every classroom in the U.S. and protect all the children?  Shame on you.  Idiot.

If compassionate idiots were the only problem, this country would still be in rotten shape, because compassionate idiots are apparently numerous, vocal, and the dumbasses vote.  Oh, yeah, we are definitely screwed ( now I’m talking to my conservative homies.  Yo, ‘sup?) because the dumbasses of the world are led by some very smart, evil people who are cynical and evil enough to use the mass murders of the weekend to advance their nasty, communistic politics.  I’m writing, here, about the folks who are intent on disarming the populace and erasing the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  I’m writing about the leaders of the Progressive movement who know their own history, and who agree with the apologists for Stalin who were so active in the 1930’s.  Of course Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrn, Frances Fox-Piven and the leaders of the labor unions are on the list, but they represent a small, nasty little part at the top of the list.  There are plenty of foot soldiers who know the true goal of Progressivism and lap at the jackboots of the top dogs.  Frankly, most of the foot-soldiers and boot-lickers are employed in the mainstream media, and these are the culture warriors of the Progressive movement; the folks who push the message that citizens cannot be trusted with firearms.  The compassionate idiots that I mentioned in the previous paragraph suck pretty bad as human beings, but the main focus of my anger today is the body of evil bastards mentioned here in this paragraph.  Lives were shattered this weekend.  Innocents were butchered and their families are stunned with a grief that is world-shaking; in the face of such heart-breaking loss and tragedy, Chris Matthews and his Progressive boot-licking compatriots use their platforms to cynically and knowingly score political points.  And lest ye think that I’m going soft, please understand that President Obama and his administration are included in this paragraph’s list of cynical, evil bastards.

I think I’ve used up my entire week’s worth of cuss-words above, so I’d better stop here.  Tomorrow night I’ll probably be defending all of the unsubstantiated statements above.  I’m so ready for the show tomorrow night, at 6:30pm Central.  Marty and I have done shows centered on these kinds of tragedies before, and they don’t get any easier with experience, but I seem to get angrier.  More vulgar, too.      Hmmm.