The real problem is President Pants-on-Fire

There is a whole lot of noise being made over the Democratic shutdown of the government, Obamacare, and the debt ceiling, and The Honest Answer is making at least some of the noise.  Cutting through the noise to find the real signal is tough, but frankly, y’all, it isn’t THAT hard.

Let’s take Obamacare as an example.  We have found that basically everything the President said about the Affordable Care Act (Otherwise known as CommieCare) is a lie.  Odds are, you won’t get to keep the doctor that you like; and as far as the price not going up……well, we’ve seen that to be a big, fat lie, as well.

The President and “Shutdown” Reid in the Senate blame Republicans for the government shutdown, too.  House Republicans definitely want to defund CommieCare, but it is the Democrat Senate and President Pants-on-Fire that are obstructing things.  In this post by Bridget Johnson at PJ Media, Rep. Tim Huelskamp from Kansas has this to say:

“We’re still debating, hopefully, the issue of Obamacare, which is exceedingly unpopular, and clearly unworkable and remains unfair. The last offer we sent to the Senate was two weeks ago. They have yet to have a recorded vote. And I find it interesting listening to senators talk about what they might do,” Huelskamp said on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday. “The House has passed 15 appropriations bills to keep the memorials open, take care of the veterans, take care of our troops, and the Senate just sits there. But at the end of the day what we have accomplished is not much yet.”

So the House passes 15 bills to fund government, but Republicans are shutting down the government.  Hmm.  Two-thirds of the government are Democrats.  The math doesn’t add up, unless of course you are using Common Core math, right?

With all the talk of the debt ceiling that’s swirling around amidst the shutdown, the President is claiming that failure to raise the debt ceiling will cause the government to default on it’s financial obligations.  This is yet another lie, and one that is hazardous not only to the US economy, but that of the rest of the world as well.  Check out this post at Forbes from Oct. 4th.  Apparently, the author of that article doesn’t agree with the Spitehouse or the lamestream media reportage:

Come October 17 if our dysfunctional Washington hacks do not raise our debt ceiling, ominous forecasting of imminent default on our $17 trillion burden pound the airwaves. Prevarications foisted by the progressive press-corps regarding the United States becoming delinquent on its Treasury debt are as preposterous as they are disingenuous.  Whether premeditated lying or, equally likely, out of a stark darkness of matters economic the result is the usual fear mongering we have come to expect from their rumor mills.

There is an enormous problem in Washington, that much is true.  Dysfunction isn’t the bugaboo, though, or at least it certainly isn’t a new one.  The problem isn’t even lying liars in Congress like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, etc.  No, the biggest problem in Washington now is that our President only has a passing acquaintance with the truth, and is using lies and deceit to further his divisive Progressive agenda.  George Will says it best.  (Video came from RealClearPolitics)