The Rod Eccles Show Makes a Big Move

We have awesome news for y’all.  The Rod Eccles Show will, beginning on Monday, April 18, be broadcasting live from the studio of WLVM 90.7 FM in Manchester, New Hampshire.  For Rod Eccles, this move is an exciting one.  Like The Honest Answer, The Rod Eccles Show came alive on the internet, and gained a following there; showing the world that ordinary citizens possessing talent and a passion for Conservative principles can take a message to the people and the people will respond.  Rod is now taking the step to expand his audience into terrestrial radio, as well, and The Honest Answer is excited for him.

We have even better news, too:  As far as your listening to The Rod Eccles Show, nothing is going to change.  You will still be able to tune in to the show through the show page on this website, beginning at 9AM Eastern to noon every Monday through Friday.  It is our understanding that the call-in number to the show will be changing, and we will update the show page as soon as that number is available.

Congratulations to Rod Eccles and all of those who work with him, and also to WLVM in Manchester, NH for this new chapter in the history of The Rod Eccles Show.

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