The Sabbatical is Over

Gosh, I feel rested…what about y’all?

For the record, I want y’all to know that Marty and I have most emphatically NOT been busy behind the scenes, working on Honest Answer projects, at least not lately.  We’ve both been quite preoccupied with our offline private lives and stuff.  We needed a break, and we’ve had one; but we are both recharged and ready to get back to work.

Starting on Monday, I’ll begin regularly updating our blog, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, check the sidebar and get hooked up with either email notifications or RSS; whichever you prefer.

In light of some events that have happened over the summer, it seems that Conservatives and Libertarians are having a tough time, what with being banned from social media platforms and whatnot.  It seems that our views are too offensive for Mark and Jack, and the Google empire.  It’s gong to be great, great fun to see how quickly Honest Answer gets banned from Facebook and Twitter.  I promise to work hard to make that happen as soon as possible; and, since the UK is determined to ban memes…well, I’ll try to offend in that area as much as possible, too.

The Honest Answer Radio podcast is coming back, too.  We can’t sit idle during this messed up Senate confirmation process, and the unveiling of Communists government employees using our hard-earned money to further International Communism.  Speaking of Communists, I’m going to leave y’all with this article showing that armed insurrection and assassination are still definite goals of the left.  Enjoy the post.  I’ll see y’all again on Monday.