The Summer of Our Discontent

Barry bites his lip, just like Bill Clinton.

Barry bites his lip, just like Bill Clinton.


It’s July 1, and already it’s been a rough summer for ol’ King Barry.  His trade of five Taliban bad-boys for Bowe Bergdahl didn’t get the public acclaim that he thought it would, the economy is wrecked, and now he’s batting 0 for 14 with the Supreme Court.  Yeah, I know…..I’m fighting back the tears, myself.

Don’t give up hope for Barry, though.  He’s got a strategy to pull defeat from the ashes of defeat……..yeah, I know that reads kind of weird, but hey:  What difference does it make?  Check out this article by Bryan Preston at PJ Media, and you’ll see how this most transparent of administrations is going to handle the Hobby Lobby victory.