There’s A Reason That Area Of The Country Is Called “New England”

Ah, New England…A “Loyalists” paradise. In perusing the news this morning, I came across this story on The Blaze.

A father in New Jersey posted a picture of his son holding a .22 caliber copy of an AR-15 on his Facebook page. On Friday evening, his home was visited by representatives from social services and four local cops.

Boy With Gun

Their purpose? They received an “anonymous” phone call reporting child endangerment. They demanded access into the home and demanded to see all of the firearms in the home to make sure they were “properly registered”. By the way, gun registration in New Jersey is NOT compulsory. It is voluntary.

These people had no warrant and no probable cause.

Be sure to follow the link to The Blaze and read this story in it’s entirety. Scary stuff.

Folks, they call that part of the country “New England” for a reason. It always has been a haven for British Loyalists and believers in Nanny State Governance. In recent times, that part of our nation has been co-opted by the Progressives and they have voluntarily stood by as their rights have been slowly eroded.

God Bless the Southern States.