This GOP Senator Says If You Support FreedomWorks Or Senate Conservatives Fund, You Are A “Traitor”

Beck mic shot

On Monday, Glenn Beck promised he would reveal the name of a Senate Republican that views contributors and supporters of FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund as “traitors to the party”. Tuesday morning, he did just that. The name shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone that’s been paying attention over the past few years…Mitch McConnell.

I know. You’re shocked, right? The alleged comments were made during a private, “off-the-record” meeting of Republican senators that turned into a dressing down of junior Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

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A second, as yet, unnamed Senator smelled the blood in the water and joined in the feeding frenzy. According to Beck, this Senator stood and reportedly said, “I want you to know, FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund worked hard to unseat me…[and] if any of you take a dollar from either FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund, you’re an enemy of mine.”

Again, no real shock.

Conservative Senators

There are many in the mainstream press that have been touting that the end of the Republican party is near. As days drag on, that seems to be a possibility and it is language like McConnell’s and the yet-to-be-named Senator that will be the GOP’s undoing. And rightfully so.

FreedomWorks is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing our country back in line with the Constitution. The same could be said of the Senate Conservative’s Fund. Yet, both are seen as “enemies of the state” by Democrats and “establishment GOPers”.


That’s a good question. Perhaps we should ask them. If the love of freedom and our Constitution are seen as enemy behavior, what does that say about the people we have elected to represent us? What does our future look like if Constitutional adherence is seen as “traitorous”?

We have a LOT of work to do between now and November 2014.