This Guy Has Tenure, Y’all

Watch the embedded video of Tucker Carlson interviewing a UConn professor on the professor’s assertion that White Supremacy is responsible for Trump’s election.  I have a little more to say after the break.

Where am I supposed to start in countering the smug professor’s arguments?  There are so many false premises upon which the fellow has built his end of the debate that finding a starting point of refutation is very hard.  I’ll just throw some things out there.

  1. If White Supremacy were as powerful a motivating force as suggested by the professor, why did so many white people vote for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012?
  2. Isn’t it possible that wealthy and powerful people try to consolidate their wealth and power without regard to skin color?
  3. Could this professor’s own prejudices be clouding his judgement, and making him think that all white people think like him?
  4. Do all white people think alike?  Could that possibly be racist?

The University of Connecticut gave this guy tenure, y’all.  Think about that.