This Is Why The Left Doesn’t Want A Special Prosecutor

There have been more than a few calls the last few days for a special prosecutor to take up the IRS scandal that is roaring through the White House. Personally, I’d like to see a special prosecutor take up the IRS, Benghazi AND the wiretapping of the press.

The Left says, “Absolutely NOT!”

But why?

Michael Tomasky over at The Daily Beast can tell you exactly why:

” But there is one thing that he absolutely must not do, and that is pay the least bit of attention to these calls for a special prosecutor. That will be the end, either literal or metaphorical, of his presidency, because of the ceaseless bad faith of the people trying to elevate this thing to Watergate proportions. Just say no, and say it firmly.”

He goes on to make some really absurd straw-man arguments that I’ll let you read for yourself. Quite frankly, they’re not worth re-printing.

The bottom line is that Obama knows it would end him. His staff knows it would end him. Jay Carney knows it, too. They know that once light hits all of their dark little closets, the American people will know just how much they’ve been used and how deeply they’ve been lied to.

The Left can blame on partisanship all they want and would be absolutely correct in that assertion but it most certainly won’t take away the fact that The Obama White House is guilty of all charges from the top down.