THIS Is Why We Bring Up Old Stuff Jun04


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THIS Is Why We Bring Up Old Stuff


I got this in my email this morning from It’s a clip from Beck way back (like, way back in 2008) in his HLN days, interviewing William Shatner.

I like Shatner…I do…I think he’s nutty as a fruitcake but I do like him. I think he’s got some valid points about overpopulation but I can also see where he’s just like every other Hollywood version of liberalism, in that he claims to have followed Beck yet, he seems to get Beck’s message entirely WRONG. Although, towards the end, you can see this realization wash over Bill, leading him to refer to Beck as “some kind of crazy prophet.”

I wouldn’t exactly call Beck a “prophet”, rather someone that simply pays attention to history and it’s propensity for repeating itself.

It’s pretty good stuff, though. Enjoy