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To My Liberal Friends

I’m sorry if my political beliefs are causing you all so much distress. I’m sorry your president has spent three years fixing blame and not the economy…I’m sorry President Obama declared war on fossil fuels, thus driving up the cost of energy and fuel…I’m sorry about a LOT of things that have transpired over the past three years…Most of all, I’m sorry that you seem to think I’M THE ONE that just “doesn’t get it.” Maybe, just maybe, it might be YOU that “just doesn’t get it.”

I’ve asked repeatedly to show me where I’m wrong…This is what I get: “There’s just too much to go into right now.”, “He’s done the best he could but Congress just won’t stop getting in the way.” “You can’t know what you’re talking about because I’m much older than you and I’ve seen too much.” “It’s just not fair that the GOP has all those Super PACS to funnel money to the Republicans.” And my favorites: “You’re a Republican. You can’t understand.” AND “You just can’t get over your inherent racism.”

Let’s take these one at a time, shall we?

1. If there’s so much proof out there that could change my mind, it should be no problem to come to the debate with FACTS…Pick something you’d like to debate and bring facts…I have them too…Just don’t assume your “facts” somehow outweigh mine. I research topics from several sources before I discuss them. Just because you don’t like the source doesn’t make the point any less viable. But, you’d be surprised just how much I get from the government’s or the candidates’ own sites

2. I agree that Congress has turned into a “do nothing body”. My question is why? WHY won’t Congress work with Obama? Is it simply because he’s a democrat? That’s what you’d like to be able to prove but it just doesn’t hold water. Bill Clinton was a democrat and he managed to get things through the House AND Senate and he had a House and Senate with Republican majorities…And don’t forget, the last two years of Bush’s term (right about the time spending went haywire), the democrats had the majority in both houses. Remind me, WHICH branch of gov’t is responsible for passing the laws? Oh yeah…The legislative branch…NOT the executive branch…At least that WAS the way our system worked…Obama has shown he doesn’t NEED the legislative branch. He just uses his “Executive Power” to push through whatever he wants. And when he HAS put things before Congress, it’s been thousands of pages that he doesn’t want read or scrutinized and has insisted it pass AS IS, regardless of whether or not the rest of the country thinks it’s a good thing…Obama PROMISED this would be the “most transparent administration in our nation’s history”. From Obamacare to today, that’s been one BIG LIE. Oh, and the GOP has brought bill after bill and as far as obamacare goes, the GOP had an alternative plan that used many things from obamacare but the President even admitted he didn’t even give it a look. It’s not all on the GOP like you’d have me believe. The Republicans aren’t the only ones stonewalling right now, so spare me your self-righteous indignation.

3. I don’t really care how old you are. If you’re going to fall back on history to make your decisions for you, I suggest you do some serious reading about the democrat party…If we’re going by “history”, it seems to me that the Democrats have enough of their own shady history to make me wary of them. They were the party of slavery and segregation. They were the party that put people into “internment camps” during times of war…MORE THAN ONCE…Don’t tell me how they’re “the party of the common man” when they’ve got their own sordid racist past. I’ve got news for you…The Democrats’ hands are JUST AS DIRTY as the GOP…I’ve had enough of your self-righteousness.

4. If you’re angry at the GOP for all the money they raise with Super Pacs, I suggest you check out the Obama Campaign…They have just as many, if not more than the GOP…What you object to, is that these days, they seem to be out-raising Obama…At an alarming rate…Instead of asking yourself, “Why is that?”, you jump straight into accusing the GOP of committing illegal acts…The Supreme Court just ruled yesterday that it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL to limit Corporate Campaign Finance in the manner the Dems would like…But again, instead of pondering the reasons, you automatically ASSUME it’s some vast right-wing conspiracy and that they have somehow gotten their claws into the Supreme Court. In essence, saying that now the Supreme Court has become corrupted. Whenever Progressives don’t get their way, it’s somehow due to corruption…It can’t have anything to do with the rule of law or the will of the people. It MUST be because of some nefarious reason…You people just can’t accept that not everyone feels the way you do about EVERYTHING.

5. I’m not going to dignify those last two with much of a response…My voting record has been all over the place…I have NEVER voted a straight ticket in my ENTIRE LIFE…Don’t believe it? Go to Hell…Racist? Really? You go ahead and think that way but I’d de-friend me ( in EVERY WAY) if that’s what you really think about me…If you really believe that…Again…GO…TO…HELL…

I owe you nothing…I have come to my beliefs out of a lifetime of “life experience” just like the rest of you…I, though, have padded my experience with TONS of research…I have obviously come to different conclusions than some of you…

If you aren’t prepared to show me FACTS, not, YOUR OPINION…..SHUT…UP….I’m not interested.

And lastly, just for the record, you guys are more nasty, more hate-filled and MUCH bigger fear mongers than the Tea Party ever thought about being…I’ve been to both kinds of rallies…The Tea Party cleans up after themselves, costing the cities where they’re held NOTHING, they speak about policy and A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE that includes EVERYONE…
Progressive rallies, spew vile hatred with every speaker, spread fear, leave the site looking like a disaster area and the only “plans” I’ve heard at the 5 progressive rallies I’ve personally seen involve MORE GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS/BAILOUTS, an immigration policy that calls for the removal of our borders and free healthcare and education for EVERYBODY and all of those programs are to be paid for by the American Taxpayer…And, seeing as how only about 40% actually pay income tax, THEY will be the ones footing the bill…

If you think conservatives are evil, heartless people you obviously think I am evil and heartless, as well. And THAT shows how stupid you people really are.

If you’re a liberal friend of mine and DON’T feel this way, NONE OF THIS APPLIES TO YOU and shouldn’t bother you in the least. Have a good chuckle about it and go about your day. However, if anything I have said angers you or disturbs you and you feel the need to “straighten me out” about a few things…Save your breath…I don’t want you to go away mad…Just…Go…Away…Truthfully, I have no use you…I now see you as part of the problem.
I’m always open to a debate but as I’ve said a MILLION times, BRING FACTS NOT RHETORIC.