To The “Lighten up, Francis.”

While browsing through the blogosphere today, I ran across this story from The Blaze.  (Warning:  Adult content in the story, probably NSFW.)  In the story, video is posted of a YouTube video from Sarah Silverman, where she promises to engage in lesbian sex with Sheldon Adelson, in exchange for a donation to Obama’s campaign.  Adelson is a very rich MAN who has promised to donate 100 million bucks to Romney’s campaign.  Yeah, I know it’s gonna be hard to visualize lesbian sex between a man and a woman.  I sort of think that’s the point of this comedy sketch.

The Blaze author has apparently mistaken comedy for a serious offer, saying that Ms. Silverman was funded in this endeavor by the son of George Soros, Alexander Soros.  The outrage at The Blaze is silly, to me, and actually supports the narrative of the left wing of American politics.  That narrative holds that all conservatives are uptight, humorless old white men who hate everything.  Erica Ritz at The Blaze (a presumably conservative white woman) proves at least part of that narrative, by being uptight enough to not recognize humor from a comedienne.  Also note that Ms. Fritz is quoting from a Times of Israel article.  Conservatives like to point out how the name “Koch” is used by the left to bash Republicans; but here we see that all it takes to get conservatives into a full-blown dither and lose all sense of perspective is to throw out the Soros name.

Sigh.  Marty and I did improv comedy a few years ago, and of course we have a soft spot for comedians.  Our humor back then had its’ blue components, and we said and did some outrageous things in order to get laughs.  Part of our schtick was to portray ourselves as ignorant, vulgar rednecks.  I know, I know, it wasn’t much of a stretch, but the point is that we made ourselves look ridiculous and funny, because that was our job as comedians, and generally we had a point to make.  The point was that life itself is pretty damn ridiculous and funny, and sometimes times get so hard that you have only two choices:  laugh or cry.  We chose, and choose now, to laugh whenever possible.

Sarah Silverman, in this latest video, performed a brilliant “gotcha” on conservatives.  We don’t agree with her progressive politics, but honestly, my hat is off to her, because she succeeded.  She got the conservative wing to fall for the bait, and thus reinforce the MSM narrative of conservatives as completely humorless.  Way to go, Blaze.  Well played, Ms. Silverman.  


See below for the Silverman video.


Silverman vs. Adelson

Sheldon Adelson