Toxic Feminism is a Thing

Because of course it is.  Y’all remember how Marty and I felt about the subject.  If you don’t, or if you are new to this page, don’t worry; we’ll be providing a reminder when we start up the podcast.  Prager University got Andrew Klavan to talk about Feminism, and I love Klavan’s take on the subject.  I think y’all will, too.

What to do?  What to do, indeed.  Standup and Internet comedian Owen Benjamin gives his thoughts as he explains why he was wrong about Islam and how women are treated in that religion.

Andrew Klavan, who has appeared before in these pages, is a brilliant comedian and wordsmith.  Owen Benjamin shouldn’t be taken lightly for either his intellect or comedic talent.  I’ll leave this next video here.  You’re welcome.

In addition to the above Prager U. video, Andrew Klavan can also be found at The Daily Wire.

Owen Benjamin has a great YouTube Channel.