Troubled Marriage? I Have a Friend Who Can Help.

I have a friend who can help you with your troubled marriage.  That friend is, of course, Jesus Christ.  I have another friend (which may be surprising to some) who can help you with Biblical answers to problems in your marriage; and that friend is Pastor Rick Hope, of First Baptist Church in Lillian, Texas.

I’ve known Pastor Rick since 2007, and he’s the man who helped me find my way back to a deep relationship with Christ.  Rick has written a book, which I am helping to edit; the book is titled, “If Only…” and it centers around a man struggling to restore a loving relationship with his wife.  Here’s the synopsis that Rick is putting out for If Only…:

Ron Holcomb has been married to Kylie for some time now but recently, his marriage has been anything but happy. His frustrated mind has taken him back to remembering several of his old flames and wondering if his life would be different and happier if they had been his wife rather than Kylie. Through a series of miracles, Ron gets to find out for sure and ultimately makes the conclusion that he thought would never be.

Since I’m helping Rick edit his book, I can vouch for his work; but y’all know I won’t leave you with only my word on the subject.  I recommend that you do your own research on this one, because you can find examples of Rick Hope’s writing at Liberty Voice, where Rick’s articles are published.  Check out his post on the origins of Memorial Day there, for starters.  You can also check out Rick’s podcast, Challenge from the Heart, accessible through this website on our Channels tab.

 If Only is going to the publisher in about a week. You can preorder at $7.50 or pay $15 when the book arrives. Pre-ordering is best. Fifty percent of all profits goes to FBCLILLIAN. The other half goes to help finance a mission trip to Africa, where Pastor Rick will be taking the Gospel to Tanzania.  You can place your order at 469-263-8363 to pay by credit card or mail a check to Rick Hope at PO Box 76, Lillian,Texas; or PayPal at

Pastor Rick Hope and his wife, Danna

Pastor Rick Hope and his wife, Danna