Unfiltered Truth

Some of y’all are old enough to remember a time when major networks were trusted to bring us not only the news of the day, but truthful reportage.  I’m only recently coming to realize exactly how long ago that time was; so long ago, in fact, that a lot of the consumers of online media were not even born.  Wild, huh?

So…do y’all want to see something REALLY wild?

Actually, a lot of you out there are already familiar with Project Veritas’ most recent work, but I’m highlighting it today because it shows just exactly how far the mainstream has fallen in their greed for ratings and advertising cash.  Truth seems to be not first, second, third….maybe not even on the list of things that mainstream outlets like CNN have on their agenda.  Watch the videos below.  Consider subscribing to Project Veritas’ YouTube page, and maybe even donating money to the cause.  I think y’all know what I’m going to say next; but I’m saying it, anyway:  Write this stuff down on your hand, ’cause you WILL see this material again.


And here’s the most recent Project Veritas release, wherein our old buddy Van Jones makes an appearance; telling the truth, for a change.  Of course ol’ Van didn’t know there was a camera and a microphone working at the time…