Want to do something about Benghazi? Here ya go!

Powerlessness is a sucky feeling which we know all too well, as voters, right?  Well, now and then The Honest Answer finds a way for us voters in flyover country to make our voices heard.  Today, I received a little gift in my inbox from Congressman Steve Stockman, providing a link that I think y’all may be interested in visiting.

There is a petition going around asking Congress to form a Select Committee to investigate the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi.  Rep. Stockman is trying hard to expose Hillary Clinton and keep her from being a viable Presidential candidate in 2016.  The Honest Answer, of course, applauds this move.  If you want to be an impediment to Hillary’s career, visit this link and sign the petition, too.  I did, and I feel like a better man for it.  You’re welcome.