Water Boy Gregory tries to get “tough”. Ahem.

I don’t actually watch the Sunday talk shows anymore, not since the mid-nineties, anyway.  I find that it makes for a more peaceful Sunday if I avoid listening to the crap spewing from the mouths of the liberals of the Lamestream who pretend to be objective journalists.  Yesterday was no exception.  Rather than watch the talk shows, I played an archived “Challenge from the Heart”.  Pastor Rick is much better medicine on a Sunday than anything George Snuffaluffagus ever has to say, right?

Later in the day, Ted Cruz’s staff uploaded to YouTube Cruz’s appearance on Meet the Press.  Ugh.  I confess, this one was tough for me to watch, and not because there was ever any danger that David Gregory would “school” Ted Cruz on anything.  What makes this embedded video tough for me to watch is that David Gregory tries to take a “tough” line of questioning with Cruz; and Gregory trying to be “tough” resembles Michael Moore trying to fit his fat booty into a Smart Car.  Water-carriers, by nature, aren’t suited for rigor of any kind, physical or intellectual, and David Gregory proves it every week.  I think Cruz held his own, and David Gregory just looked harassed and blustery.

After watching the video below, y’all might want to see what Joe Biden was up to in the face of a looming government shutdown.