We ARE Afraid, Mr. President

I’m not going to embed the President’s speech from last night.  I have a feeling that some of y’all did watch the speech, and were sickened by it, and those who didn’t watch it avoided it because y’all knew it would make you sick.  I did watch Obama’s 13 minutes of lecturing, hectoring, and prevarication.  I wish I hadn’t.

Among other silly things, Obama cautioned us stupid American people to not give in to our fears as we cope with terrorism.  Like Retired General Ralph Peters says in the clip embedded in this Power Line article, (watch the clip at the link, and you’ll see why I didn’t embed it here) I felt like screaming at the television and telling Barry that Americans aren’t afraid….we are angry, but not frightened.  That isn’t true, though, is it?

As the President continued to speak about his desire to enact more gun control on the law-abiding citizens of our great country, I realized that I AM afraid; and I think y’all are scared, too.  We are afraid of losing our freedoms to a phony “Constitutional Lawyer” who never did an honest day’s work in his whole life.

Mr. President; ISIS doesn’t scare your fellow citizens.  We aren’t scared of Muslims, either.  Mr. President, we are scared of YOU.  You’ve done more harm to your country than any collection of radical Islamists; more than Vladimir Putin ever desired to do.  You’ve wrecked the greatest economy in the world.  .  Your rhetoric has killed police officers, and endangered the most vulnerable of our citizens.  Under your less-than-loving hands, more veterans are languishing without desperately-needed medical care than ever before.  Under guidance from your Administration, the IRS has been allowed to target people who disagree with your policies, ruining real, innocent lives.

You are a scary fella, Barack Hussein Obama.  It’s even scarier to think that we have thirteen more months of you to endure.

It’s time to pray, y’all.