We Told You So…Again

Honestly, though, y’all didn’t need Marty and I to tell you that the folks who run the Mainstream Media outlets think that y’all are stupid. That’s a fact that has been clear for years; but Project Veritas, in their newest video, provide the visual and audible proof that CNN’s producers believe firmly that Flyover Country is entirely populated by morons.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Panjandrums of All Truth are convinced that you are, in at least one dude’s words, “stupid as shit”.  Don’t take my word for it, though…watch the embedded video.  More after the break.

If you don’t believe that Hillary Clinton would have been a better President than Donald Trump; you are stupid as shit.  If you don’t believe that the government should force you to go against your religious convictions and celebrate gay marriage, you are stupid as shit.  If you think that all white people aren’t racist, you are stupid as shit.  If you believe that feminism has nothing to do with equal rights for men and women, you are stupid as shit.  If you don’t allow CNN to tell you what to believe about everything; you are stupid as shit.  Getting the idea?

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