We Told You So, And Here’s Proof Aug30


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We Told You So, And Here’s Proof

On Sunday’s live Honest Answer Radio Show, Marty and I told y’all about Social Justice Warriors.  Today, with many misgivings, I’m posting a video from one of the SJW’s that we referenced on the show.  I do this with reservations.

I don’t want to be mean about this sort of thing.  Milo Stewart, (the person in the embedded video) obviously has some serious emotional issues going on, and so I want to make it clear that I ain’t embedding the video just to poke fun or to be mean.  There are LOTS of this sort of thing on the internet, and Milo’s gender activism is only one example.  No more commentary from me will help y’all understand what’s going on, so just watch as much of this offering as you can stand; then kneel down and pray, ’cause the Social Justice Wars are coming to heartland Colleges and Universities near YOU.