We told you so

Subtitle: Obama’s Incomprehensible Foreign Policy Leaves a Power Vacuum in the Middle East


We all know that a vacuum is just a space waiting to be filled, right?  I think we all also know that Russia loves being a vacuum-filler too, right?  Ever since Obama appointed John Kerry to be the Secretary of State, Marty and I have been telling y’all that Vladimir Putin would wipe the floor with Kerry and Obama.  We’ve also repeatedly stated what the consequences of Obama’s incoherent foreign policy would be.  For the record, we take zero pleasure in being proven right.

Instapundit today highlighted this post by Walter Russell Mead.  It seems that Putin met with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, and they are working together to cut an oil deal in exchange for some mutual understandings regarding Syria.  See, this is the sort of thing that happens when the U.S. fails to make it’s intentions clear.  I suspect that even Putin is taken aback by the amount of “flexibility” that Barry is showing after his last election.  Marty and I are not surprised.  We told y’all that Russia was just waiting to capitalize on the weaknesses of our most feckless President and his SecState.  Saudi Arabia, a Sunni nation, is always going to act to protect itself from Shi’ite ambitions.  For decades, the US has been the main guarantor of the uneasy parity between Sunni and Shi’a factions that dominate the Middle East, so while Barry has focused on lowering his golf handicap and Kerry exercised his kiteboarding skills, Putin has stuck Russia right into the space abandoned by the Great Vacationers.

Oh, yeah…..the American people were a little distracted, too, and we have our own share of the blame as Obamenablers since apparently the new Batman absorbs so much of our attention when we aren’t focusing on Miley Cyrus’ ladyparts.  Shame on us.