Wendy Davis Supporters Caught Breaking Texas’ Election Law by Project Veritas

Screen-cap of Project Veritas video on BattleGround Texas.

Screen-cap of Project Veritas video on BattleGround Texas.

Another Project Veritas video is out, and this one, like the last couple, comes from Texas.

Why Texas?  Well, if y’all don’t already know it, Texas is a big, red State with a lot of electoral votes.  The Democrats want to turn Texas blue so bad that they are perfectly willing to choose foul means in order to accomplish their goals.  Hey…..don’t take my word for it.  As evidence of what I’m saying, I’m posting the Project Veritas video on this page, so y’all can watch it and make up your own minds.

Progressives who don’t know any better (but I repeat myself) will scream that James O’Keefe is taking this video out of context.  O’Keefe and Project Veritas don’t ask anyone to believe edited footage, though.  If you want to watch all of the raw, unedited video of Project Veritas people interacting with the folks from Battleground Texas (the proglodyte org. that wants to turn Texas blue), Project Veritas has the unedited stuff posted on their YouTube page for the world to see.

I understand if some of you more progressive types think that Project Veritas is only showing one side of corrupt election politics.  You may have a valid point, there.  It’s difficult to show a corrupt Conservative non-profit election organization these days, though, since applicants for Conservative non-profit status are having their applications held up by the IRS.  What do you want to bet that the application from Battleground Texas sailed through the IRS without a hitch?  I’m just sayin’.

Watch the video below, and see how Jennifer Longoria of Battleground Texas explains how her organization uses voter registration information and breaks Texas’ State election law; allegedly, of course.