What’s REALLY Going on with BLM

Most Americans are definitely NOT racists.  The majority of police officers in this country are not racists.  There is no agenda among law enforcement officers to systematically exterminate black people.  We know this in our hearts; but somehow, the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining traction.  How can this be?

The answer, of course, is that the Black Lives Matter narrative of black extermination at the hands of racist police serves a political agenda; but probably not the agenda which most people would assume.  Watch the video below, y’all.  Bill Whittle provides hard numbers and real evidence which strips the cover off the cynical, reprehensible forces behind BLM.  After watching the video, maybe you should think seriously about heading over to Mr. Whittle’s website and giving him some money to keep videos like this one coming, because we need this sort of truth in media.  I promise you, the major networks aren’t going to tell you the truth.  Take notes…you will see this material again.