While you were distracted, Sequestermigation came calling…

While “white hispanics” have been on trial, distracting the nation, and a  catheterized woman was fighting a losing battle in the Texas Senate, sequestration has been quietly going about it’s business of (if you listen to Democrats) dismantling our Republic.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel came out this week with some dire predictions in a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

From the Military.com post:


“Failure by Congress to end budget sequestration could force the services in fiscal 2014 to freeze military promotions, suspend recruiting and halt all change-of-station moves, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned in letter Wednesday to leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

Ah, yes, Proggies have long memories, at least when it comes to finding things to throw at Conservatives.

Rather than look at all the real fat that could be cut from the defense budget, Proglodyte Hagel is threatening promotion and recruiting freezes in the military, in a transparent effort to make Obama’s sequestration failure hurt the country.

Jazz Shaw at Hotair has a good analysis of the situation, and his post is worth a read.