“White, Heteropatriarchal Capitalism” is Wrong, Y’all Jun30


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“White, Heteropatriarchal Capitalism” is Wrong, Y’all

Oh, my.  I wasn’t going to post again today, but then I saw this article at the Washington Times, in which a (former) sociology professor at the University of Memphis describes….well, see for yourself.  From the WT post:

The professor first raised ire when she wrote Wednesday to her 2,820 followers that the Confederate flag is “more than a symbol of white racial superiority. It is the ultimate symbol of white heteropatriarchal capitalism.”

There’s more, of course.

“The flag thus is a direct symbol of race, class, gender, & sexuality oppression. We need a more nuanced intersectional reading of the thing,” Ms. Robinsonadded. “This isn’t to say that the American flag does not represent such things, but the confederate flag only represents those things for whites.

Y’all need to follow the link to the Washington Times article and read the whole thing.  I find myself unable to quote anymore of the polysyllabic psychobabble that passes for modern sociology these days.  At first, I was amused by the lady’s means of expression, but further exposure to her rhetoric made me sad.  I’m sad for her, and I’m sad for the students that she taught.

I lived in Memphis for ten years, and I can tell you that I doubt very seriously that this woman, Zandria Robinson, ever had to endure a white-dominated society, if she is a native Memphian.  You see, Memphis is, and has been for a long time, a majority-black city.  The last two mayors are black men, and City Hall is overwhelmingly staffed with black people.  The power-structure in Memphis is dominated by black people these days, from one end to the other, a fact widely acknowledged when I lived there, back in the 1990’s.

I’m sad for Ms. Robinson; truly sad.  Before writing this article, I said a prayer for her, that God would soften her heart, and add sweetness to the bitter cup from which Zandria Robinson is drinking.  Life in the United States is not as bad as sociological studies suggest, y’all, it simply isn’t; all the “nuanced intersectional reading” in the world won’t make it so.