Will We Hit Rock Bottom Before We Turn to God?

Essay by Jelena Anderson

What happens when children start to act out and not listen to their parents anymore? What happens when they turn their back on what they were taught, when they forget where they came from?

Parents might sit back and watch for a while, hoping the child will come to his or her senses. If that doesn’t work, a warning usually follows; and if that also fails to wake up the child, we might allow our children to go through some trouble that they themselves caused, without bailing them out like we might usually do.

Still not enough? Well, let’s send a few more warnings; let’s allow them to deal with bigger and more severe problems without interfering.

But if all of that still doesn’t do the job to wake them up, we might have to walk away from them and let them hit rock bottom on their own. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love them or that we don’t want the best for them; but sometimes the lessons have to be really tough in order to hit home.

So if we understand that process as parents (and let’s face it, most of us had to go through some form of that or another as kids and while we were growing up), then what happens to a nation that has turned away from God; a nation that has forgotten its foundation, and the blessings it enjoyed, and a nation that has become self-righteous?

Will there be a warning to wake up that nation? Or several warnings? Will there be trouble and tough lessons to learn?

If America is that nation that turned its back on God, drove Him out of the government, schools, the public and even in most cases the private life, and simply forgot all about God; will there be warnings for America?

What about 9/11?  That was a warning that we were heading down a dangerous path, but did we heed it? No.

So what’s next; another warning – the stock market crash in 2008: The economy exploded and its effects were visible all over the world.

Did we heed that warning? Did we finally wake up and say, “Well, something is going on because our blessings have been removed and we need to turn back to God before it’s too late.”

No. We continued down the path of destruction; the path that defies God.

So how many more warnings will He give us? At some point the cup of indignation will be full and even run over, and when we reach that point, do we really expect God not to pour out His wrath?

We are a nation under judgement and if we look at it from a biblical point of view, we can see a pattern. We see it when we look at ancient Israel and look at America now:  Same pattern.

We can even see a pattern between 9/11 and the financial collapse in 2008 – there are seven years between the events.

We have seven days in a week; six days to work, one to rest. Same goes for years. Ancient Israel was told to work their fields and vineyards for six years and then let the land rest for the seventh year. At the end of that seventh year all debt was supposed to be wiped away and forgiven. This seventh year is called a Shemitah year.

Looking at the Hebrew calendar, 2001 was a Shemitah year; so was 2008, so is 2015. Usually a Shemitah year is supposed to be a blessing; but when a nation is under judgement the way ancient Israel was, and the way America is now, a Shemitah year can also be a warning.

9/11 was a warning.  2008 was a warning. 2015 could be a warning.

How many people got a twin tower tattoo back in 2001? Never forget, right? But haven’t we forgotten? This nation actually started to turn back to God in the weeks after the attack, but it was not sincere. Once a sense of normality set in, people went back to their lives and once again forgot about God.

Let’s heed the warnings that God is giving us, because even though He is a loving and merciful Father; at some point, He might walk away from us and allow us to hit rock bottom.

Editor’s Note:  For more information on the Shemitah year, watch the video below, where Rabbia Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and preacher, explains the Biblical context of the Shemitah.