Words are Hard: CNN Anchors Confused

Words can be hard to deal with, sometimes, especially if you are a shill for Progressivism masquerading as a news anchor.  The CNN anchors in the embedded video clip are having difficulties dealing with words, as you will see.  The Ted Cruz campaign has released a video pointing out the Trump problem with Transgender people using the bathroom of their choice.  The video asks, using text words, “Should a grown man pretending to be a woman be allowed to use the women’s restroom?”  The CNN anchors try desperately to twist that question to mean that Cruz believes that all transgender folks are men “pretending” to be women.

Never mind that there are sexual predators out there who are perfectly willing to don a skirt and use the lady’s facilities, including locker rooms as well as restrooms, in order to perv.  Hey, y’all….don’t take my word for this stuff.  Watch the video below and brace yourselves for the verbal gymnastics.