Wrapping Up the Week

I’m doing the usual Friday Scattershot post a little differently today.  It’s been such a crazy week that I thought to divide up my usual helpful links by subject.


Midterm Fallout

Facebook is its usual “helpful” self.

A Federal investigation in several states?  Might not be a bad idea, is all I’m sayin’.

Institutional bias in Florida Academia?  Say it ain’t so…

Gasp!  Dems “discover” uncounted Dem ballots in Florida.  I blame Florida Man.

Here’s a slightly different take on Florida Voter, soon to outstrip Florida Man for outrageousness.


Thousand Oaks, CA Shooting

Here we go again:  Big Nets push lies, damned lies, and bogus statistics.

My heart breaks for the victim’s families, but their grief doesn’t enable them to take away the rights of others.

Niece of Fox reporter is one of the victims in the shooting tragedy.


Antifa vs. Tucker Carlson

Tucker says “protest” was a threat.  I agree with Tucker.

Big Tech won’t ban Antifa from their publishing sites.

I’d like to see this happen:  Should RICO be applied to Antifa?


And finally…if you don’t know Donut Operator on YouTube, you should.  I’m embedding one of his recent videos.  Get to know Donut.  Subscribe to his channel.