Ya Gotta Love the Logic(?) of the Gun-Grabbers, Y’all

It is no big secret that there are lots of folks in the United States who not only hate guns, but they hate the people who have, them, too.  It’s totally fair to say that the anti-gun people are passionate in their hatred, and in their activism, as well.  Let’s take the case of the anti-gun Liberal Democrat who started a petition asking for attendees of the GOP Convention to be allowed to open-carry at the Republican National Convention.  You may want to read that last sentence again.

This isn’t a joke.  Don’t take my word for this one, y’all.  See this article in The Washington Times.  From TWT post:

A self-described liberal Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton for president is behind a popular petition demanding the right to bring guns to the Republican National Convention in July, CBS News has found.

Of course, the Secret Service wasn’t having any of it.  The idiot who started the petition, known as “Jim” says, in TWT piece:

“There were never going to be guns at the convention. Not a million signatures were going to make that happen,” Jim told CBS News.

He said he also sought to challenge Republican candidates on how pro-Second Amendment they really are: “If they can’t live in accordance with the policies they impose upon us, they owe us that rational conversation,” Jim said.

In the liberal, confused brain of Sunny Jim, the way to start a “rational” conversation is with an irrational act.  Umm.  You can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

We all know that there is no rational conversation to be had with Progressives when it comes to guns.  The elites among the Progressives are only comfortable dealing with an unarmed populace, because armed citizens are simply more difficult to control.  The rank-and-file among the gun-control pushers, though, can’t discuss guns without bringing their irrational fears to the table.  For more examples of these irrational fears, take a look at the embedded video.  In the interests of accuracy, I should point out that the video is over a year old; but it’s still current in it’s revelation of the lack of logical thought in the anti-gun crusaders.