Yes The Dems Have Shut Down Gov’t Before…But That Was Different

Chris Matthews would really appreciate it if Republicans would stop “bringin’ up old stuff”.

Yesterday, Chris, David Gregory and Dee-Dee Myers questioned Republican Representative Raul Labrador (Idaho) about the “Republican Endgame” regarding Obamacare and the Budget. Myers asked would he and the GOP be willing to vote for a continuing resolution that does not delay or de-fund Obamacare. Labrador responded that he, himself would not be willing but he felt that other members of the GOP would.

Labrador then reminded them, “You know, your boss, Tip O’Neil, shut down the government 12 different times. And you didn’t call him a terrorist”.

Tip and Gip

To which Chrissy-Poo replied, “…They were issues of a day or two. They were issues of funding.” After a bit of back-and-forth and some serious over-talking, Chrissy-Poo jabbed, “Yeah. What you do in politics is fight. The question is do you play by the rules and eventually move forward? Or do you keep going back of the old terrain, making non-negotiable demands?”

The Democrats and their propaganda machine, NBC et al, are determined to only see things from their own perspective. At the same time, they remain in a state of denial about the will of the American people. Next year, when the American people speak at the voting booth and ouster all those that disregarded them, I wonder who will they blame?

Certainly not themselves.