Yet Another Look at America From the Outside

Gavin McInnes.  Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Gavin McInnes. Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

On June 30, I posted this article with a video from an Australian’s view of America.  Today, I’d like for y’all to take a look at another video, this one from the perspective of a Canadian immigrant to our shores, Gavin McInnes.  Mr. McInnes, in this video, is ostensibly giving reasons why the Confederate flag should remain on display in all of its’ familiar places; really, though, the video is about America, and what non-native folks think of when they think of us.

We allow the mainstream media to tell us who we are, y’all, and that is a huge mistake.  The elitist, over-educated prats in the lamestream have no idea of what it truly means to be American, because THEY DON’T LIVE IN AMERICA.  We have to remind ourselves that, although  Chrissy Matthews, Chuck Todd, Brian Williams, and all the other mainstream, on-camera anchors of television may reside in American cities, they do not live in “flyover country” and they despise those of us who do.  We also have to remind ourselves that those idiots who write for Slate, Vox, the New York Times, LA Times, etc. are not allowed to tell Southerners who we are, either, although they sure do try.

Gavin McInnes sometimes uses colorful language to get his message across.  He lives in upstate NY, but, honestly, this guy has more knowledge of what America IS than a lot of the people who are given prime-time spots on the networks.  He may be Canadian by birth, but I’d rather have Gavin McInnes as my neighbor than most of the other folks that I see on television.  I’m just sayin’.