“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File Growing

I’m trying to have a decent rest from politics, y’all; truly, I am, but the idiots in the lamestream media are getting more shrill and ridiculous as the meeting of the Electoral College draws closer.  I’m sure y’all have heard by now that the Democrats, in a desperate bid to cancel out Trump’s electoral victory, are proclaiming that the Russians hacked computers in the US and undermined the election process.

The Russians definitely have their reasons for trying something hinky with our elections; even HuffPo speculates on how such efforts could be retaliation against the Clintons.  While I have no doubt that the Russians really did try to influence the election to keep Hillary from becoming President, I seriously doubt that Putin’s efforts swayed any voters.

The mainstream media, of course. still carrying water for the Democrats, are shouting the “Russians stole the election for Trump” meme from the rooftops.  Hey, y’all…don’t take my word for it.  I’ll just put this little video of Chuck Todd bracing Reince Priebus right here:

Chuck is a little shrill there, ain’t he?

In the meantime, on a more rational note, take a look at what Liz Wheeler has to say about the alleged Russian hacking; while I try to catch up on my Christmas break.