Your Education Dollars at Work

The embedded video, from Prager University, isn’t really that long.  Watch it.  While watching it, remind yourselves that you are paying for the student’s education.  More after the break.

So…what have your tax dollars, given to UC Irvine, taught this young man?

  1.  The American flag makes people FEEL unsafe.
  2. When people FEEL unsafe because of the American flag, the flag must be removed.
  3.  America is evil.
  4.  America is racist
  5. Slavery is not only practiced today, in America, it is PROTECTED by a system of oppression.
  6. Transgender black women are oppressed, here, in America.
  7. Rather than being a symbol of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the American flag symbolizes pure evil.

After I watched the video, I’ve gotta tell y’all..I sat here for probably thirty minutes, seething with anger over the vileness; the stupidity, of our “higher” education system.  Members of my family (quite a few of them, too) fought under that very same flag.  My relatives certainly did NOT fight for oppression, slavery, and pure evil, and to suggest otherwise, in a perfect world, would earn a punch in the mouth.  I’m still too angry to write more.  Trust me, though, folks:  you WILL see this material again tomorrow night.